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Season 3 of the franchise.


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Battles FeaturedEdit


  • Chapter 1: A New Saga Unfolds! Heroes Under Attack!
  • Chapter 2: Paradais Attacks! The Fall of Japan's Heroes?
  • Chapter 3: A Recovery from Paradais! Onward to the Past!
  • Chapter 4: Messengers from the Future! The Neo Senshi and the Signers! 
  • Chapter 5: Digi-Teams Unite! The Ninja Senshi Formation! 
  • Chapter 6: Prelude to the Neo-Rajita Invasion! The Future Warriors Assemble! 
  • Chapter 7: Arrival at the Four Realms! A Paradais and Neo-Rajita Conspiracy? 
  • Chapter 8: Inner Darkness: Ninja vs. Dark Valkyrie! Prelude to the Midnight Incursion!
  • Chapter 9: The Midnight Incursion Escalates! Ingenuity: the Key to Overcoming Power? 
  • Chapter 10: The Neo & Kuiper Senshi Grand Spectacle! Bomb Threat: Secure Kaiba Corp! 
  • Chapter 11: Invoke: Rajita Hybrid Evolutions! Streets of Rage!
  • Chapter 12: Strategic Retreat! The Midnight Incursion Ends!
  • Chapter 13: First Piece Discovered! Beyond the Phoenix Gates! 
  • Chapter 14: Breach the Phoenix Gates! Claws of Valmarmon Found!
  • Chapter 15: Arrival at Howling Mountain! The Eye, the Girl, and Inumon's Dark Past! 
  • Chapter 16: Attack at Howling Cathedral! Defend the Eye of Valmarmon! 
  • Chapter 17: Initiation of New Plans! Amazoness Clan vs Ninja Senshi!
  • Chapter 18: So Close, Yet So Far! The Second Wave!
  • Chapter 19: The Second Incursion Spills Out! Come Forth, Crimson Dragon!
  • Chapter 20: Striking Armagedos Base! Entryway to the Meikai!
  • Chapter 21: Sally Forth to the Orb of Minos! Assailant's Scheme?
  • Chapter 22: Upgrade: Dai-Valkyrie Senshi! The Rising Sleipnir!
  • Chapter 23: Dai-Valkyrie Senshi! Take Flight and Fight!
  • Chapter 24: Team Girl-Power's Dynamic Entry! The Valmarmon Hunt Continues!
  • Chapter 25: Possessed by the Wings! A Test to Rika and Jeri's Bond!
  • Chapter 26: Path to a Foggy Land! The Legendary Beast, ArchaicKamemon!
  • Chapter 27: The Wrath of ValHornmon! Repel the Rampaging Beast!
  • Chapter 28: Day Four Starts! Charon's Startling Deception!
  • Chapter 29: Dimitri's Grand Entrance! Chaos at All Corners!
  • Chapter 30: Into Purgatory! The Digiworld's Largest Prison!
  • Chapter 31: The Body is Extracted! Escape Out of Purgatory!
  • Chapter 32: Break Through the Paradais Entry! Warfare Ignites Across Realities!
  • Chapter 33: Fights Across Realities! The Growing Adversities!
  • Chapter 34: Unmitigated Chaos at Every Corner! When Will It Stop?
  • Chapter 35: The Moonlight Knight, an Ascendant, and Conclusive Battles! The Chaos Simmers Down For Now!
  • Chapter 36: The Return to the Underworld! Fairies and Necromancers!
  • Chapter 37: Necromon's Undead Warriors Rise! The Black Panther's Awakening!
  • Chapter 38: Dark Reflections of the Past! Prelude to the Final Paradise Battle!
  • Chapter 39: The Gauntlet Thrown! The Senshi vs. Neo-Rajita Generals!
  • Chapter 40: Decisive Clashes: Senshi Rise, Generals Fall! Day Four Ends...!
  • Chapter 41: The Fifth Day of Chaos! Multiple Battles Across Worlds Commence!
  • Chapter 42: The Siege at Central Tower! Closing In Toward Sheol! 
  • Chapter 43: Melancholia's Evolution of Terror! Jaden vs. Grapplo, a Duel of 8000 Life Points! 
  • Chapter 44: Ascend, Dai-Valkyrie Sedna and Pluto! Yusei vs. Dragoon, the Second Decisive Duel!
  • Chapter 45: Escape Out of Paradais! Yugi vs. Zealoss, Duel on a Rooftop!
  • Chapter 46: Journey in Ancient Egypt! More Chaos in the Present!
  • Chapter 47: Insurmountable Odds! Rising Conflict Across Time and Worlds!
  • Chapter 48: Ancient Egypt Arc Concludes? Escalation of More Battles!
  • Chapter 49: Alien Invaders, Digi-Zombies, and Paradais, oh my?! The Demon Stones Unify!
  • Chapter 50: Arago Revived and the Digital Pillars Restored! A Return to Earth!
  • Chapter 51: Protecting the Gates! The Final Push Against the Digivillains!
  • Chapter 52: A Prelude to More Despair! The Feral Hound and the Black Panther!
  • Chapter 53: Enemy Infiltration! A Series of Restorations!
  • Chapter 54: What, Paradise Collapses?! The Seven Pieces Reunited?!
  • Chapter 55: Dawn of the Sixth Day! The Eve of the Final Chaos!
  • Chapter 56: Earthbound Immortal and Egyptian God All-Out Assault! Frank vs. Team Rival!
  • Chapter 57: The Penultimate Gauntlet is Thrown! The Last Stand Before the Endgame!
  • Chapter 58: The Big Bads Raise the Stakes! Gamera, Arago, and Valmarmon's Global Assault!
  • Chapter 59: The Darkest Before the Dawn! Shine Through, Miraculous Heroes of Gold!
  • Chapter 60: The Big Bad Battles Cleared?! The Seventh Day, Valmarmon vs. Earth's Mightiest Heroes!
  • Chapter 61: The Endgame! The Paradais Gambit is Complete!
  • Chapter 62: Final Battle, Cosmos vs Chaos! The Last Stand to Save Dimensions!
  • Chapter 63: Celebration Amongst Heroes! A Dawn of Cosmos!