Side-story taking place after Invasion of the Rajita and before the Taiyoukai's Awakening.


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Battles FeaturedEdit


  • Chapter 1: Awakening Star Seeds! Sedna's Quest Begins!
  • Chapter 2: Attack of the Animamates! Sailor Eris' Rising Wind!
  • Chapter 3: The Frog Mistress on the Prowl! Ixion's Poisonous Sting!
  • Chapter 4: Arrival at Rio de Janeiro! Quaoar's Earth Shattering Debut!
  • Chapter 5: A Rumble in Down Under! Orcus' Darkest Night!
  • Chapter 6: The Final Kuiper Senshi Found? Varuna's Light-Speed Rescue!
  • Chapter 7 (Final Chapter): The Battle Royale at the Neo-Animamate Palace! The Kuiper Belt Senshi United!